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User account preferences

User account preferences are settings that are specific to your account. You can access your user account preferences by clicking on your username at the bottom of the Sidebar. Then, select the Account option, which reveals your account settings.

The account menu within the sidebar

Profile settings

The profile preferences are as follows:

User profile locale and theme settings

Preferred language

The Wagtail Admin interface supports various languages. To choose your preferred language, click the dropdown menu labeled ‘Preferred language’. Selecting your preferred language affects every aspect of the interface.

Current time zone

You can find the time zone option in the ’Locale’ section of your account preferences. Also, You can customize your time based on your preference on the drop-down menu.

Admin theme

Wagtail offers the following admin theme options:

  • Light mode
  • Dark mode
  • System default

The light and dark themes offer alternative color schemes for a more personalized user experience. Selecting system default aligns the theme of your admin interface with your computer's default theme.

Notification settings

User profile notification settings

The notification settings allow users to customize their preferences for receiving notifications relating to Wagtail’s workflows for moderation. You can choose to receive notifications for various events such as content updates, status, comments. This feature ensures that you stay on top of any changes or updates within the CMS.