Dökkt Ljóst

Global navigation

Wagtail provides multiple navigation components that appear on most pages in the Admin interface. These components are as follows:

Wagtail dashboard with the skip link

The skip link appears as a Skip to main content button in the Admin interface. If you press the tab key of your keyboard on a newly loaded page, the skip link will appear at the top-left corner of your screen. Once the Skip link appears, press the enter key to activate it. Activating the Skip link moves your keyboard focus to the main content of the current page you’re on. This way, you skip over the Sidebar options to the main content.

Collapsible sections

Page editor for Breads and Circuses blog page with sections toggle button and anchor links highlighted

Collapsible sections make it easier to navigate forms. You can find Collapsible sections on the Dashboard and forms to manage pages. You can use your mouse or keyboard to collapse or expand collapsible sections. The collapsible section anchor link also gives you the link to the section you are working to share with teammates or keep for later.

On forms, you can also Collapse all sections in one go, and then Expand all or expand individual sections as needed.

Page editor for Breads and Circuses blog page with the collapse expand all having been clicked

Session time limit

The session time limit in the Wagtail CMS works behind the scenes. A session is created when a user logs in. The default time limit is two weeks but can vary depending on the configuration of the CMS.

Like most wbsites, Wagtail supports text search with the use of the Ctrl + F in Windows and ⌘ + F on macOS. Using the text search feature in the Admin interface searches texts that match your search input in the current tab.