Manage images

Add, edit, and remove images

If you want to edit, add, or remove images from the Admin interface outside of the individual pages, you can do so from the Images interface. To access the Images interface, click Images in the Sidebar.

Images listing with header and images grid

Wagtail allows you to select multiple images from the Images interface at once. To do this, select the checkbox on the top left of each image block, then use the bulk actions bar at the bottom to perform an action on all selected images.

Images listing with checkboxes shown next to images Five images are selected and a bottom menu shows different actions as well as a 5 images selected label

Also, Wagtail allows you to edit the data associated with an image by clicking on the image to access its edit screen. Image data includes the title, the file, the collection associated with it, the associated tags, and the focal area.

Image alt text

By default, Wagtail uses the image’s title as alt text. Alt text is important for screen reader users, to access a text description of the image contents.

It is also common for site implementers to customize this, either by adding a separate alt text field for all images, or where images are used.

So, to help screen reader users better understand your images, ensure you provide image descriptions.

Changing the image file when editing an image updates the image and causes the new version to appear on all the pages using the image.

Image editing form for Olivia Ava image To the right of the form is an image preview focal point controls and metadata about the image


Changing the file will change it on all pages that use the image.

Set the focal area of an image

The Images interface allows you to set a focal area, which can affect how your image displays to visitors on the front end. If you crop your images in some way to make them fit into a specific shape, then the focal area defines the centre point from which you crop the images.

You can set the focal area of an image by clicking the image to access its edit screen. Then drag a marquee around the most significant element of the image, and then click Save to save it. Once you set the focal area of an image and save it, you can see the most significant element of the image on the front end.

To remove the focal area, click Remove focal area in the edit screen.