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Wagtail page status definitions

A standard Wagtail website includes seven page status types to help you organise and prioritise your content.

These types include:

  • Live: The page is published and accessible to website visitors.
  • Draft: The page is Not live on the website.
  • In Moderation: The page is in the middle of a moderation workflow.
  • Scheduled: The page is not live but has a publication date set.
  • Expired: Th page is not live and it was unpublished because it had an expiry date set that has now passed.
  • Live + Draft: A version of the page is live but a newer version of the page is in draft mode.
  • Live + (another status): A version of the page is live, but a newer version of the page has another status.

If your Wagtail website has customisations, there may be status types that aren't included in this list. Consult with your webmaster or developer to find out if your website has any custom status types.