The User Guide is a website to help content editors, moderators, administrators, and other users learn how to use the Wagtail content management system (CMS).

It features hands-on learning material as well as reference content, following the Diátaxis framework. For our developer documentation, visit docs.wagtail.org.

Content contributors

The guides’ English content is brought to you by:



  • Sævar Öfjörð Magnússon
  • Arnar Tumi Þorsteinsson


  • Coen van der Kamp

Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Fábio Santos

Original docs.wagtail.org contributors

The guide was initially exported from Wagtail’s developer documentation, with contributions by:

  • Thibaud Colas
  • Karl Hobley
  • Benedikt Breinbauer
  • Jacob Topp-Mugglestone
  • Matt Westcott
  • Chris Rogers
  • LB
  • Dan Swain
  • Phil Dexter
  • Kalob Taulien
  • Cynthia Kiser
  • Lisa Ballam
  • Patrick Woods
  • Shohan Dutta Roy
  • Sævar Öfjörð Magnússon
  • Tim Heap
  • Brylie Christopher Oxley
  • Chris May
  • Dave Cranwell
  • Akua Dokua Asiedu
  • Dominik Lech
  • Eric Dyken
  • Eric Sherman
  • Gianluca De Cola
  • Helen Chapman
  • Jake Howard
  • Janneke Janssen
  • Jeffrey Hearn
  • John-Scott Atlakson
  • Kees Hink
  • Liam Brenner
  • Martey Dodoo
  • Naomi I. Morduch Toubman
  • Nick Smith
  • Shwet Khatri
  • Storm Heg
  • Tidiane Dia
  • Tom Dyson
  • Vlad Podgurschi
  • Aidarbek Suleimenov
  • dthompson86
  • Kevin Howbrook
  • Maarten Kling
  • mien
  • Damee Zivah Olawuyi

Website build contributors

This website exists thanks to the hard work of a lot of our contributors.

  • Hitansh Shah
  • Coen van der Kamp
  • Meagen Voss
  • Phil Dexter
  • Thibaud Colas
  • Ben Enright
  • Jake Howard
  • LB
  • Sage Abdullah
  • Tom Dyson
  • Karl Hobley
  • Abigail Hampson
  • Nick Lee
  • Scott Cranfill
  • Sævar Öfjörð Magnússon
  • Victoria Ajala
  • Nick Vines
  • Julian Bigler
  • Alex Morega

Outreachy December 2022 team

The contents of the guide were heavily updated as part of Outreachy December 2022. The project team was:

  • Damilola Oladele, Contributor
  • Coen van der Kamp, Mentor
  • Thibaud Colas, Mentor
  • Storm Heg, Mentor
  • Jonny Peacock, Mentor
  • Stephanie Brown, Mentor

Google Summer of Code 2022 team

This project was one of three being sponsored by Google as a part of Google Summer of Code 2022. The project team was:

Read Hitansh’s Google Summer of Code: Wagtail Editor Guide report for more information about the project.