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Getting started

Welcome to Wagtail User Guide! If you’re here, you probably already know that Wagtail is an open source content management system (CMS) created by Torchbox and supported by an international core team of developers. Wagtail is a great CMS for many websites because it is scalable and can be customised by developers relatively quickly and without too much fuss.

This guide is a collection of tutorials, how-to articles, reference guides, and explanations that will help you learn how to manage content in a standard Wagtail website. If you’re an editor, administrator, or general user of Wagtail, this guide is for you. If you’re a developer, you might find our developer documentation more useful.

If you're brand new to Wagtail, we recommend you go through our guides in sequence. Otherwise, you can click through the different categories below to learn more about different aspects of Wagtail.

The Wagtail demo site

The examples in our guide are based on our bakerydemo demo website. However, the instructions are general enough as to be applicable to any Wagtail site.

For the purposes of this documentation we will be using the URL www.example.com, to represent the root (homepage) of your website.

Logging in

  • The first port of call for an editor is the login page for the administrator interface.
  • Access this by adding /admin onto the end of your root URL (for example www.example.com/admin).
  • Enter your username and password and click Sign in.
Screenshot of "Sign in to Wagtail" screen, with username, password, "Remember me" fields, a "Forgotten password?" link, and a submit button. Shows the Wagtail logo at the bottom, and has a gradient background from teal to indigo