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Accessibility features

This section contains a guide listing and explaining the accessibility features designed in Wagtail. These tools have been implemented in the ever-evolving Wagtail CMS to improve all round use.

Wagtail provides multiple navigation components that appear on most pages within the CMS. These components allow users easy movement from page to page or skip from a section to another within a page.

Created for keyboard users, the skip link helps users avoid tapping through all of the items contained in the sidebar. To see the skip link, click the tab key and it will appear in the top left corner of the screen. When activated, it moves your keyboard focus to the main content of whatever CMS page you’re on.

Collapsible sections

The collapsible sections can be found on the dashboard and in all form pages across the CMS. Displayed as a chevron in a circle, collapsible sections make navigating forms easier. As a mouse user, collapsible sections can be toggled to collapse or expand sections within a form. For keyboard use, the enter key allows users to collapse or expand sections as they like. The tab key enables users to move from a section to another.

This tool allows editor users to bookmark links to specific sections. This way, users can identify exact sections to be worked on or shared to teammates. This feature is represented by the anchor icon and located next to the collapsible section feature.

Like every webpage on the internet, Wagtail CMS supports browser text search with the use of CTRL + F . However, the text search in the Wagtail only finds matches within a singular tab. This means users can get results on the other tabs after switching and enabling text search on a newly loaded tab.

Alt text for images

By default, Wagtail uses the image’s title as alt text. This feature is important for screen reader users to have an alternative text description of the image contents.

It is also common for site implementers to customize this, either by adding a separate alt text field for all images, or where images are used.

For more details about image management, view Manage images.

Page editor

The page editor allows users to edit page content. As the most important page within the CMS, it comes with multiple tabs, navigation control and form fields for proper content management.

Page-level keyboard shortcuts

To better support keyboard users, Wagtail includes keyboard shortcuts. Wagtail supports two of these page-level keyboard shortcuts:

  • cmd + P / ctrl + P - opens up the Preview Panel. This allows content editors to view the content structure of their work in different screen sizes. Wagtail CMS preview supports mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.
  • cmd + S / ctrl + S - as a conventional feature simply saves work as draft.

Collapse/expand all

The Collapse/expand All button is found at the topmost right corner of the page editor within the CMS. This feature simply collapses or expands all collapsible sections at once, so users can more easily locate specific sections that need immediate attention. This works well together with Collapsible sections, so users can Collapse all and then expand individual sections as required.

Other features

Session time limit

A session is created when a user logs onto the Wagtail CMS. By default, this session has a time limit of two weeks after which the user is automatically logged out.

This can be customized by developers with the SESSION_COOKIE_AGE Django setting.